As an industry, we’re in a unique position of having direct access with almost every business and consumer across the country, along with the 70,000+ staff we employ – drawing on our core capabilities and access to technology to drive significant social impact.

Telco Together Foundation is the foundation that unites Australia’s leading telcos.

Together, we’re helping to build young Australians through the national fundraising initiative, Small Change Big Change. We support a wide range of community programs for young people designed to promote good mental health, a strong sense of identity and connections beyond connectivity.

A little goes a long way

1 in 5 Australians suffers from a mental health issue in any given year and almost half the population will suffer a mental health disorder at some point in their lives.

A $1 donation can help a young person get the help they need.

The platform is digital so the impact is limited only by one’s ability to reach out. But while the primary focus will always be youth, it’s equally important for us to help educate parents on mental health, empowering them to start the conversation at home and to help normalise this growing issue.

For young people visiting during a tough time, 91% say they got the information they needed.


Small Change Big Change is all about the little changes each person can make that together makes a big difference to people in need. We understand there are many other amazing charities out there that also need support. A little change now will go a long way in the future.

All donations go to the Telco Together Foundation, which is a registered charity that supports Aussies in need including indigenous communities, homelessness, hunger, mental wellbeing, and unemployment and disadvantaged youth.

The following charities have been awarded as beneficiaries due to their unique approach in addressing challenges while holding the highest of integrity and financial transparency: ReachOut, Red Dust and Beacon Foundation.

No, according to the ATO donations must be a minimum of $2 to claim as a tax deduction.

Your small change can make a big change