A Message from Ignite Telecom

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your business. We value you as a client, and we hope you see Ignite as a business partner rather than a service provider. We’re here to make your business’s communications run smoother, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know we are here to provide support for business owners & operators during these challenging times. Ignite is doing our best to adjust to the modern world, and recent reports show that we have pivoted with little to no impact. Our response & ticket resolution timeframes have significantly decreased as we continually improve our service for both client & partner during this period.

Ignite is always open to honest feedback, and we ask you directly if your business is currently experiencing any problems with our products or services; please reach out to service@ignitetelecom.com.au.

Similarly, if you’ve had any positive experiences that you would like to mention from previous or recent times, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to mention any individual or teams you have had dealings with as part of this feedback, as we like to reward and acknowledge these go-getters for going above and beyond and driving our company vision.

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Over the past 12 months, strategic partnerships have been executed with some of the world’s largest technology brands. Our goal was to provide a fantastic suite of products and services at a highly competitive rate due to our large purchase capacity. The diverse suite of products on offer will ensure you have complete freedom & flexibility to mix and match suppliers to create the perfect technology migration strategy for your business.

Product Catalogue

The Ignite BOH team has been working tirelessly to streamline processes and has made a considerable investment into this area, along with our service and support channels during the COVID-19 period. We aim to support your business goals, and that is why we are launching these exciting new products and services.

Your dedicated business account manager will connect in the coming weeks to discuss how these products and services can help increase productivity & promote growth.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your business once again. We value your business, but more importantly, you as a client. We hope to continue our business relationship for many years to come.

Ignite Executive Management Team

Telco Together Foundation

Telco Together Foundation is the foundation for uniting Australia’s leading Telcos.

Ignite Telecom has been a proud member of the Telco Together Foundation for over five years which is uniting Australia’s leading Telcos.

As an industry, we’re in a unique position of having direct access with almost every business and consumer across the country, along with the 70,000+ staff we employ – drawing on our core capabilities and access to technology to drive significant social impact.

Together, we’re building resilient young Australians through our national fundraising initiative, Small Change Big Change. We support a wide range of community programs for young people designed to promote good mental health, a strong sense of identity and connections beyond connectivity.

Other initiatives include their Industry Impact Hub, a think tank where industry leaders come together to discuss collaborative approaches to issues confronting our communities. Modern Slavery and Domestic & Family Violence are two of the focus areas that have been identified for collective action.

In the coming month’s Ignite Telecom will invite our customers to join the Small Change for Big Change program.

How does it work?

An optional small $1 donation will be added to your monthly telco invoice where every dollar donated will be matched by Ignite Telecom.

Imagine the impact we could have as a group on Young Australians lives from adding a $1 donation to our monthly phone bill. The past few years in Australia have been tough to say the least. We are not sure what long-term effects the drought, bushfires, floods & global pandemic will have on our youth. However, we know Young Australian’s need our support for the future now more than ever & Ignite Telecom can’t think of a better cause to support.

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If you would like to learn more about the program or how you can do more, please visit.

Northcott Society – Client Spotlight

It’s been a challenging and complex year for many organisations, with the need to adapt to remote working and collaboration.

For Northcott staff supporting customers in our 170 locations, this was made that much easier by the roll out of the nbn™ & enhanced technology.

As one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability service organisations, Northcott provides services from metropolitan and regional locations throughout NSW and the ACT. With 90 years of experience and expertise in the disability service industry, that works with customers to realise their potential.

As a registered NDIS provider, Northcott employs almost 2,500 staff and provide empowering, personalised services to over 13,500 people with disability, their families and carers each year.

Northcott provides personalised and dynamic support, delivered by a committed team who will optimise and maximise support and services for every customer.

Their Information Communications Technology team completed the deployment of a world class, one-stop technology solution, known as ‘Network in a Box’ (NiaB), across 100 sites last year. This was made possible through our high calibre team of tech talent, and in collaboration with key technology partners like Ignite Telecom to deliver the service.

Previously, laptops in isolation connecting to Northcott systems meant logging in via a public network that created a security risk and a poor end-user experience. Therefore, for many of their staff working in this environment, administrative responsibilities remained paper-based and labour-intensive.

Northcott has now successfully upgraded or commissioned 170 sites – with over 100 sites completed in 2020.

“Our staff now have a great network, giving them great tools to support our customers,” says Paul Herbert, Chief Information Officer at Northcott.

Working closely with the talented Senior Network engineer Keyur Ami, Ignite Telecom adopted a live Smartsheet tracking system to provision & provide live status updates for over 100+ NBN connections of all types of technologies (FTTB, FTTN, FTTC & FTTP). With so many moving parts & the involvements of third-party technicians’ visibility and clear communication was the key to a successful deployment.

We caught up with Senior Network engineer Keyur Ami who has this to say about the project.

“After going to market for RFQ’s, Church Resources Group initially recommended us Ignite Telecom as a preferred partner. As an NFP, we had a few selection criteria’s that needed to be met.

The two focus points for us were reference & price point. However, after the initial consultation with Ignite Telecom, we were alerted to the importance of the ISP contention ratio purchased from nbn™ and how crucial this was in making our final decision.

During the first six weeks of the project, I was on leave. However, the project continued to operate smoothly with the live smartsheet updates, the entire team involved in the project found the process to be bulletproof. I think this was a credit to the successful onboarding conducted before the rollout, which ensured both parties understood each other’s expectations”.

Northcott’s vision is to build an inclusive society where people can live the life they choose. We support people with disability to reach their full potential by providing services and support to promote a genuinely inclusive society. Northcott’s vision is to grow our services because customers choose us as their provider of choice. Ignite Telecom is looking forward to supporting Northcott Society for many years to come and highly respect a values-based organisation that strives to foster a workplace culture based on the following core values:

  • Innovative because we develop new ideas and solutions with creativity in anticipation of changing needs
  • Respectful because we believe that everyone’s voice is unique and that they have the right to be heard
  • Brave because we have the courage to stand up for people with all abilities even in the face of adversity

To help support & grow awareness – You can follow Northcott Society on Social Media or visit the website.

The Nbn™ Technology Choice Program

The nbn™ Technology Choice Program provides customers with the option to pay for a change to the nbn™ technology infrastructure at your residential or business premises. This payment covers the build costs associated with the nbn™ Technology Choice Program application, as these activities are additional to nbn‘s rollout activity.

Prior to proceeding with an Individual Premises Switch application, you can first request an online quote and check the build costs to upgrade to nbn™ Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) at some single premises. In some instances, a quote may not be available if your premises is considered complex. This refers to those premises that require a manual assessment before an accurate quote can be successfully provided.

Build costs

The build costs are driven by a number of factors including:

  • Proximity to existing nbn™ infrastructure.
  • Distances between premises in scope (if applicable).
  • Complexity of civil construction required.
  • Original nbn™ technology and new nbn™ technology.
  • Remoteness of location.
Request an online quote

You can request an online quote before applying. These are currently only available for some single premises.

Please note, the nbn™ Technology Choice Program is an additional activity to the nbn™ rollout plans and there are build costs associated with all applications.

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