Which business phone system is best for your organisation

If your business is looking for a new phone system, you might be wondering how to select one that best meets the needs of your business. There are a variety of phone systems on the market designed to suit the needs of different businesses, including cloud-based phone systems, on-premise phone systems, and private cloud phone systems.


What types of business phone systems are available?


Option 1: Cloud-based hosted PBX phone systems

Cloud-based hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are hosted in the cloud and operated via VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Business VoIP systems use your existing internet connection to offer high-quality and advanced features such as enhanced call flows, call recording, and Voicemail to email. Cloud-based phone systems are a fantastic low-cost, feature-rich solution for any business. Compared to traditional onsite PBX, hosted PBX is maintained and kept up to date by your provider on a monthly subscription, helping take a load off your organisation’s IT department.

Cloud Telephony is a fantastic solution for businesses with more than one location. Add and remove handsets or users with minimal configuration or cost. In addition, most cloud-based systems will allow end users to remotely log in to the administration portal to make ads, moves, and changes to support your ever-changing needs.

When considering cloud PBX, ensure your IT infrastructure, such as cabling and data bandwidth, is in a position to handle the upgrade.

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Option 2: On-premise phone systems

On-premise phone systems refer to traditional PBX systems requiring installation and maintenance, generally located within the communication rack of a customer’s business. On-premise phone systems can be a costly upfront investment for any business. However, the major advantage is that once you purchase the system, the equipment becomes an asset with complete control and choice of which service provider hosts your telephone lines. With an on-premise phone system, you don’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or hosting fees. This means they’re an excellent long-term investment that allows for effective call management and flexibility when choosing providers.

Typically, on-premise phone systems are the most cost-effective business phone solution over time, as businesses don’t have to pay recurring fees. Additionally, many on-premise phone systems include support and maintenance in the purchase price, offering more value for money.

Unlike Cloud systems, on-premise phone systems can be expensive to upgrade for expansion or integrate with third-party applications such as CRMs. Therefore, when considering an on-premise phone system, please consider your current and future requirements.


Option 3: Private cloud phone system

Private cloud phone systems offer a powerful solution for businesses seeking reliable, secure, and scalable communication tools. By harnessing the benefits of cloud technology while maintaining control and privacy within localised IT servers, organisations can optimise their communication processes and empower their workforce.

The scalability of private cloud phone systems enables seamless growth and adaptability. As businesses expand, additional lines, extensions, and features can be effortlessly added, allowing for rapid deployment and integration with existing systems.

Organisations that can leverage existing IT infrastructure and resources will benefit from a private cloud solution, unlike a company with no IT footprint, which would be better suited considering On-premise or Cloud PBX.


Which phone system should I choose for my business?

To help you decide which phone system is best for your business, it’s always a good idea to ask your provider to break down the key benefits and differences and forecast a breakeven mark of purchasing outright vs ongoing subscription costs.

At Ignite, we offer a wide range of business phone systems designed to suit the needs of every business. We’re here to listen and make bespoke recommendations based on the needs of your business and our own expertise. Spark up a conversation today and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.