What is a softphone and how can it benefit your business?

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, how you connect with your customers can make or break your business. As the business landscape evolves, traditional desk phones are no longer the only option. More companies are realising the advantages that softphone technology offers.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of softphones and explore how they can benefit your business.


What is a softphone?

A softphone is a software application that enables you to make phone calls using the internet, eliminating the need for a dedicated physical telephone. Softphones offer a wide range of features, which go beyond what traditional desk phones can provide. These features include video calling, click-to-dial functionality, call recording, team messaging and more.

Accessing a softphone client has never been easier. You can utilise your existing smartphone, laptop/PC or tablet. This flexibility allows you to make calls and engage in various communication tasks seamlessly.


Benefits of softphone technology for your business



The convenience of softphones means that you’re not tied to your desk. Softphone applications are usually available on desktop and mobile and can be integrated across multiple platforms. This allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere, a feature that is especially useful for remote workers and frequent travellers. Softphones remove the need for additional wires and cords, reducing desk clutter and enabling remote work arrangements.



Softphone offers privacy as it allows you to answer work calls from your mobile device, showing your business number while keeping your personal number and contacts separate. This is particularly useful for people who are hesitant about providing their personal phone numbers for work purposes. While employees can use their personal devices for work purposes, it can still maintain their privacy.


Save time and money

The costs of hardware related to desktop phones can quickly add up to a significant amount. In comparison, softphones don’t require any additional hardware or lengthy installation processes.

Rolling out soft-phone clients for your business can save an exorbitant amount of money & time spent on technician deployments.


Video call and messaging features

Softphones are much more versatile than traditional desk phones when it comes to video calls and chat messaging features. Unlike their desk phone counterparts, softphone software provides omnichannel communication without the need to purchase additional video conferencing and messaging systems. This streamlines communication boosts productivity, and improves collaboration among teams.


Choosing the right softphone provider for your business

The right cloud softphone provider for your business will depend on which features your business needs. To select the right provider for your needs, it’s a good idea to first check whether they have solutions.

In case something goes wrong and you need assistance, it’s a good idea to ensure you choose a provider that offers sufficient technical support. Since softphones can face security threats, choosing a provider that also has effective security measures in place will help reduce the risk of a security breach.

Considering your business requirements, ranging from basic features to advanced capabilities will help you choose the right softphone provider and elevate your communication.

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