Boosting Brand Image: The Impact of 1300 Numbers

No matter your business’ size, having a 1300 phone number is an effective way to help you stand out from the competition. From its flexibility to reroute calls to its nationwide reach, 1300 numbers offer a myriad of benefits. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can unlock the potential of a 1300 number for your business.


What is a 1300 phone number and how much do they cost?

A 1300 number is an inbound number that is used as a business phone number. 1300 numbers are virtual numbers, meaning they are not tied to a fixed landline. The cost of a 1300 phone number will depend on a number of factors, such as the plan you’ve chosen and your service provider. Usually, you’ll pay a monthly fee for the number itself, along with usage charges. Luckily, Australian businesses often find that the benefits of 1300 phone numbers outweigh the costs.


Benefits of using a 1300 number


In the ever-changing digital world, staying flexible is a priority for businesses. 1300 numbers are very flexible, allowing you to reroute calls to a phone system, mobile phone, specific departments or locations, or directly to an answering service. You can also choose how you route your calls, depending on the time of day and your availability. This translates to fewer missed calls and happier clients! If your business relocates, there’ll be no hassle, as 1300 numbers aren’t dependent on location. 1300 numbers also offer many more capabilities than just calls. They allow you to set up a recorded message, create custom greetings, and utilise voice prompt menus (IVR) through a simple-to-use cloud-based portal.


Professional Look

Having a 1300 number helps your business be perceived as more professional and helps build customer trust. While local landline and mobile phone numbers can appear unprofessional, customers are more likely to view businesses with a 1300 number as legitimate and reliable.


Easy to remember

If you’ve ever struggled to remember a business’s number, you’ll probably understand why a 1300 number is so helpful! While landline and mobile phone numbers have 10 digits, 1300 numbers only have 6. The fewer the numbers, the easier your number is to remember and the better your business will stick in customers’ minds and encourage them to call you. In addition, selecting numbers that spell the name of your business through the alphanumeric keypad can be a useful marketing hack to stand out from the crowd.


Nation-wide reach

A 1300 number gives you a national presence. This is particularly helpful if you do business with customers across Australia or if you want to open up your business to national growth. Having a national number also makes life easier if you live near the border of two states and want to offer your services to both, removing the need for two separate numbers.



Since 1300 numbers are virtual, they can be pointed to any phone system, answering service, or mobile phone. 1300 numbers offer complete control and flexibility over the provider you choose for your fixed service, and you can easily switch providers if your needs change.



1300 numbers also allow you to gain access to in-depth call traffic and valua1300 numbers also allow you to gain access in-depth call 1300 numbers also allow you to gain access to in-depth call traffic and valuable call reports, whereas many other systems on the market do not include reporting out of the box. With these insights, you can analyse call volumes, duration, and origin, and identify your peak business hours. This comes in especially handy when you’re determining your staff resourcing needs or evaluating your marketing strategies.


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