The Benefits of Text Messaging (SMS) for Business Communication

With an impressive open rate of 98% within Australia, it’s clear that text messaging (SMS) is an effective way to reach your customers. However, the utility of text messaging extends beyond just SMS marketing. It can also be a valuable tool for communicating internally with your staff and streamlining your communications with customers. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of SMS for your business.


Benefits of a texting system for your business


Easier payment reminders

Businesses can use SMS reminder services to send payment and invoice reminders to customers, helping them stay on top of their bad debt and maintain a healthy cash flow. When you’re chasing up late payments, the faster the response time, the better. While email has an average response time of 90 minutes, SMS has an average response time of just 90 seconds. In addition to the impressive response time, automated text reminders eliminate the need to chase down late payments, which can burden your staff.


Increased security through two-factor authentication

SMS also offers increased security for your business through two-factor authentication (2FA). Two-factor authentication is a security verification procedure that is triggered when a user logs into a website, software, or application. During the login process, the user is automatically sent an SMS with a unique numeric code, which is then entered by the user, verifying that they are the person attempting to log in to the online account. Without the need for expensive hardware or software, SMS verification offers a cost-effective way to enhance your business’ security.


Simpler roster management

If you have a lot of staff and are looking to simplify roster management, a text messaging service can be a valuable tool for your business. Eliminate the inconvenience of individually contacting each staff member and grappling to fill a shift on short notice. With SMS roster management, you can send bulk texts to check your staff’s availability and quickly fill shifts. Your staff will no doubt be checking their phones regularly, so your message will be seen quickly and filling those urgent shifts becomes easier. With SMS shift management, allocating shifts is fair, and every member of staff has the opportunity to volunteer. SMS communication also reduces absenteeism and ensures that all staff are on the same page regarding shifts.


Better efficiency

Unlike voice communication, SMS allows you to communicate with multiple customers at a time, increasing your team’s productivity. By combining text messaging with other forms of communication, such as emails, phone calls, and social media, customers can choose how they communicate with you. This allows your staff to respond to more customers throughout the day.


Easy integrations

Business SMS and email can be easily integrated, allowing you to send an email and have it received as an SMS. This ensures that your message reaches the recipient, no matter where they are, and enables you to have your SMS and email communications all in one place.


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