SMS Marketing: Engaging Customers and Boosting Sales in the Mobile Age

With over 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, text messaging (SMS) presents a huge opportunity for businesses to engage their customers. It’s no secret why SMS services are so effective – they allow you to reach customers faster and achieve higher open rates, all while being cost-effective. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies to help you maximise the benefits of SMS marketing and avoid its common pitfalls.


The importance of mobile communication in today’s business landscape

Mobile phones have become integral in the way we share and receive information and have become an essential factor in shaping business marketing efforts. Customers spend an average of 3 hours per day on their smartphones, making SMS communication an effective way to engage your customers. Businesses that prioritise mobile communication are able to reach customers on a more personal and immediate level.


Benefits of Using SMS Marketing for Customer Engagement

Reach customers faster

SMS messages are delivered instantly which is particularly helpful for businesses that want to convey time-sensitive messages, promotions, or notifications. Most people keep their phone with them at all times so they’ll be able to see your message almost instantly.  Text message services for businesses allow you to reach your customers quickly and it’s less disruptive than a phone call. Customers can read messages at their convenience and you won’t have to worry about disturbing them at a bad time.

Higher open rates

One of the biggest advantages of using SMS for business is its high open rate. This is because SMS messages are delivered directly to the customer’s phone and can be read quickly. It’s quicker and easier for customers to read an SMS than an email, so text message marketing offers a much higher read rate.

Personalise marketing communications

Since SMS messages are delivered to customers’ phones, a highly personal device, they are perceived as more personalised and relevant. Personalised marketing communications are more likely to capture a customer’s attention and encourage them to open the message than something that seems generic and irrelevant.


Compared to other forms of marketing, SMS for business is a very cost-effective solution for engaging customers. SMS has low set-up costs and no ongoing fees, allowing you to achieve a high return on your investment. Given the impressive open rates and engagement associated with SMS marketing solutions, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.


Strategies for Engaging Customers via SMS


Cross-selling involves suggesting complementary or related products to customers who have already made a purchase. Suggesting a complementary product that a customer might be interested in is a great way of increasing customer lifetime value. Not only will cross-selling increase the chances of customers making another purchase but it is a great way of building brand loyalty.


Upselling involves encouraging customers to purchase a higher-end product than the one they were considering. Your upsell text should explain the value of upgrading and include:

  • Whether or not the upsell is time-sensitive
  • How the upsell complements a product or service the customer is already using
  • If there’s a discount or deal available
  • How the upsell fits into the customer’s current goals or use cases 

Lead generation

The goal of lead generation is to identify potential customers and collect their information for future marketing campaigns. SMS can be used to offer incentives for customers to opt-in to your marketing list, such as discount codes or free gifts. You can also use it to send targeted messages to customers who have opted in.


How to craft effective SMS marketing messages

When writing your SMS marketing messages, limit yourself to one idea per message. Putting too much information in one message can make it confusing and more difficult for customers to make a decision. Instead, keeping your messages clear and concise and focusing on one promotion or product will be more effective in engaging customers. Since you only have 160 characters to get your point across, keeping your messages short and sweet is key.

Personalising your messages will also make customers more likely to engage with them. By understanding your customers’ buying behaviours, you can craft messages that they can relate to. You can also greet customers with their name rather than a generic greeting which will boost engagement rates and build trust and loyalty.


At Ignite, our Inbound & SMS marketing services offer a simple and effective solution for staying in contact with your customers. With a painless set-up process and no complex software integration required, reaching your customers with business text messaging has never been easier.

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