Eight key benefits of an inbound business number

Inbound numbers are virtual business numbers that receive and manage a business’s incoming calls. These include 13, 1800 and 1300 numbers. Utilising an inbound business number can offer many benefits for your business that can’t be achieved with the use of a landline or your personal number.


1. Direct your callers to anywhere in the country

The main benefit of an inbound business number is that you can direct your callers anywhere in the country, giving you a local presence without needing to be there physically. This allows your organisation to create a flexible working environment where staff can work from different locations.


2. Professional Look and Feel

Inbound numbers help give the impression that your business is large and well-established. This will provide a sense of professionalism, which helps give you an edge over the competition and encourage customers to choose your services.


3. Memorable Phone Names

Compared to a regular phone number, inbound business numbers have been proven to be five times more memorable. Since these numbers are more memorable, they resonate better with customers and help your business to be front of mind when they’re looking for your services.


4. Enhanced Call Flow Features

Inbound business numbers provide enhanced call flow features that you can manage online anywhere, anytime. By utilising our easy-to-use drag-and-drop call routing interface, you can select from more than a dozen actions to take your customer experience to the next level.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • IVR Menus
  • Holiday Routing
  • Location Routing
  • Professional Messages on Hold


5. Rich analytics and reports

Inbound business numbers can provide detailed analytics on key metrics, including call volume, call duration, and call wait times. Businesses can use this information to improve call flow and customer experience. View your call analytics in one handy place, presented in easy-to-read graphs, charts and easily export reports to share with your team.


6. Call Recording & CRM integration

Call recording is another benefit offered by the use of an inbound business number. Recorded calls can be used for staff training to provide feedback to your team to improve their customer service or sales abilities. Call recording also allows you to pinpoint and address any audio quality problems to ensure your customers have the best possible experience. In addition, our inbound platform integrates with the world’s most popular applications.


7. Cost-effective

An inbound number eliminates the need for upfront equipment and technology costs. With an inbound number, you’ll have the benefit of an experienced call centre team without the heavy costs. It also provides cost savings on the customer’s end by making it cheaper or free to call you from across the country, meaning that you’ll get more calls.


8. Increase sales with Inbound Business Number

Inbound business numbers also have the potential to increase sales. Some of the ways they do this are by increasing the accessibility of your business and having the ability to track your calls like your clicks. With an inbound number, you can track which campaigns are making the phone ring helping you to invest in the right campaigns and increase your ROI.


Should you invest in an Inbound Business Number?

Investing in an inbound business number can significantly enhance your reputation and elevate the overall customer experience. But don’t just take our word for it.

Invest in an inbound business number and see the benefits for yourself. Spark up a conversation with Ignite Telecom and experience the difference today.