Best data solutions for your business in 2023

If you’ve ever been in the middle of an important task when suddenly the internet connection drops out, you probably understand the importance of the right business internet solution. Since every business has its own needs and requirements, what works for one business might not work for another. Whether your business is looking for the best price, super speeds, reliability, or all of the above, there’s a data solution that can meet your needs. Ignite Telecom has access to the best data networks across Australia to provide you with data solutions tailored to your business needs.


What data solutions are available to your business?


NBN Data Plans

National Broadband Network (NBN) is the Australian government’s initiative to replace obsolete copper wire technology with a combination of fibre, satellite, and wireless technology. It offers businesses a fast, cost-effective solution to their broadband needs. At Ignite, we offer a wide range of plans to suit the needs of every business which feature speeds up to 250 Mbps plus free standard installation so you can get up and running right away.


Business Grade Fibre

Business fibre internet is powered by a cable filled with thin glass or plastic fibres and offers a much faster connection than even the highest-speed copper internet connections. It also provides a secure and reliable connection even during periods of heavy usage with an uptime of 99.95%, backed by Business restoration SLA’s.

Our Bespoke plans at Ignite Telecom allow you to access bandwidth up to 10Gbps. This internet solution is best suited to businesses that need reliable broadband, fastest speeds, symmetrical bandwidth and unlimited data.

Digital businesses that operate within the cloud would greatly benefit:

– CRM Systems

– Cloud Telephony

– Cloud Storage

– Data Back-Up

– And many more!


NBN Enterprise Ethernet

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is designed for bigger businesses with heavy bandwidth requirements and businesses that frequently transfer large files. If your business needs a faster internet speed than standard, NBN Enterprise Ethernet may be the solution for you. NBN Enterprise Ethernet features a 99.95% network availability target for providers and helps reduce downtime for businesses. It also offers symmetrical upload and download speeds and increased flexibility to suit the needs of a growing business.


What is 5G and how can it benefit your business?

5G is a wireless technology that utilises radio waves to transmit data across cellular towers and devices, and is the fifth generation of mobile networks that aim to provide faster speed, reliability and connectivity. Each generation has improved significantly on the last, and 5G is no exception, offering the ability to download and view much larger files and videos with minimal lag, thanks to sweeping improvements in download and upload speed across the board.

What makes these improvements excellent for business use is the support for a much larger number of devices on the network compared to the generations before it. It alleviates much of the pressure on crowded areas such as airports and large gatherings such as concerts and allows many more people to use devices at the same time without losing speed and uptime, and this translates to a better business network that has the ability to handle thousands of devices simultaneously without slowing down and allows people to work from anywhere without being tied down to one wired location.

The innovative applications for the new 5G network are seemingly endless, and it represents a massive step forward in mobile network technology which your business can take advantage of once it’s available for your location.


Should I switch to 5G?

Making the switch to 5G if it has been rolled out in your area should definitely be a consideration if you’re looking for faster speeds, higher capacity and faster response times. If you’re a business needing to work across multiple devices, 5G should definitely be on your radar as the wireless nature can eliminate the need for cabling entirely within your network.


Understanding the different business internet solutions out there and the benefits of each will give you a good idea of which one is best suited to you. No matter what your business is looking for, there’s a data solution out there to meet your needs. Once you’ve found the right data solution for your business, you’ll be able to enjoy faster speeds, lower latency, and the ability to offer a seamless customer experience.