Become a Telecom Reseller: Tap into the Billion-Dollar Industry

Want to offer telecom products to your customers but technology isn’t your area of expertise?

Do you regularly have clients asking for telecom recommendations but you’re not sure what to tell them?

Becoming a telecom reseller might be the solution your business is looking for. As a telecom reseller, you’ll have the opportunity to expand the range of products and services you offer while generating a new revenue stream.


How becoming a telecom reseller can benefit your business


Allows you to focus on your existing business

Becoming a telecom reseller gives you the ability to offer telecommunication services to your clients without the hassle of having to run your own telecom business, allowing you to stay focused on your existing business.


Allows you to offer a broader range of services

Becoming a telecom reseller isn’t limited to IT companies. In fact, any business with a client base can reap the benefits of becoming a telecom reseller. Since your client base is likely looking for technologies to boost productivity and enable communications during remote work, you can encourage your clients to transition to newer technologies by offering them as part of a bundle.


Increased customer retention

When you become a telecom reseller, you get access to in-demand products which allow you to expand the services you offer and give you an edge over your competitors. This means you’ll be in a better position to satisfy your customers’ needs and give them the incentive to stick with your business.


Low technical requirements

Partnering with a reputable telecom provider is the simplest way to become a telecom reseller. As a telecom reseller, your partner will provide you with the technology and support that you can leverage to offer telecom products to your existing customers.


Residual revenue model

Becoming a telecom reseller allows you to create a new stream of revenue by offering telecommunication services to your existing clients. Joining a reseller program can also help establish your business as a trusted provider of telecom services more quickly than if you were to start a business from scratch.


How do I choose a telecom provider to partner with?

When evaluating potential telecom partners, make sure you’re aware of what they’re offering so you can decide whether they can meet the needs of your business. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind when deciding:


Reliable customer service

You should ensure that the support you’ll receive from your telecom provider will match the needs of your customers. Have a look at the hours that customer service is offered to check whether this will suit the needs of your customers.


Scalability and flexibility

Scalability is an especially important consideration for businesses looking to grow. You should also choose a partner that has the flexibility to meet customers’ changing needs, such as those who may be looking to scale their operations up or down.


Value for money

Although everyone enjoys saving money, the cheapest option isn’t always the best, so it’s important to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. However, some telecom providers offer free routers or free cybersecurity software which may help save your business money.


Wide range of products

Choosing a provider that has the necessary products to suit your needs eliminates the hassle of having multiple telecom providers. Look for a provider that has both the solutions currently needed by your customers and ones they might require in the future.


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