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Our plans have everything:

  • Tailored plans

  • Speed variations for different requirements

  • NBN™ Ready modems for all business sizes

  • Unlimited Data Allowance

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Choosing the right nbn™ speed pack comes down to knowing how you or your Business use the internet. If you have multiple people using it a lot all at the same time then you may benefit from a higher speed pack or if your business uploads a number of large images then you need to consider upload speeds along with the download.

The nbn™ speed available at your premises depends on the line capability. Once you are connected to nbn™ we can test your line capability and let you know what speeds are being delivered to make the right final choice.

There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on where your business or home office are located and the technology types available to you. If you are currently on ADSL or Cable in an nbn-serviced area, then chances are you will need to switch to the nbn™ sooner or later due to copper disconnection. Ignite can search and advise on the delivery types in your area and also disconnection dates if applicable

The nbn™ (also known as the National Broadband Network) is, unsurprisingly, Australia’s broadband network. The nbn™ is the cable infrastructure that connects your home or business to the internet. Unlike ADSL, which relies on the same copper wiring as a landline phone, the nbn™ uses a mix of different technologies and does not require a phone line to work.

The nbn ™is built and owned by NBN Co. Formed in 2009 to build the nbn, NBN Co. is owned by the government and is regularly reviewed to ensure it meets legal requirements and best market practice. Service providers, like Ignite Telecom, have agreements with NBN Co to use the network so internet services can be passed on to consumers as they do not offer service directly.

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