Business Fibre

Secure and stable connection for your business connections.
Our Fibre is a fully dedicated fibre-optic point-to-point connection. It provides a flexible, secure and stable connection to transfer data though-out your organisation or to third parties. Fibre allows your business to connect at the same speed at all times.


Our plans have everything:

  • Fibre400 & Fibre1000 offer symmetric 400Mbps or 1000Mbps fibre-optic connectivity from TPG Fibre Lit buildings to the TPG national business backbone with enterprise-grade capability at prices never seen before

  • Customer can choose whether to use the entire bandwidth for a single service (eg. Unlimited Internet) or split it up between multiple services however they see fit

  • Market Leading Price – Flexible contract & upfront payment terms determine your monthly commitment

  • Flexibility to allocate the entire 400mbps or 1000mbps to a single service (E.g. Unlimited Internet) or split it amongst up to four products (Voice, Cloud Data Centre, Data)

  • Superior Reliability – Ignite Fibre products come with a 99.95% service availability guarantee back by business grade support

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Fibre is not available to all businesses, building or office sites so we need to perform a service qualification to identify what is available or to determine when the closest fibre point is in your area. Once this is determined we will be able to provide a result on the service qualification with lead-in time and in some case there may be a build or install fee

This is all determined case by case but in most case, we try to work with suppliers to absorb the fee’s over the term of the contract. In some cases, if a remote connection is required or there is lengths of cable lead-in on a certain property then building management or the property owner may also be engaged to contribute as this fibre connection will assist other members. All costs if any are determined before commitment so there is no surprises on your end

Part of the package will include the NTU (Network Termination Unit) which terminates this service at your location

This is a tricky question and we do say on average 6 weeks but this is all dependant on the service type/delivery in your area/location and then the communication response times from your end and in most cases building management when in an office building

Freedom, flexibility and choice