Osman Insurance Brokers

Digital Transformation Journey

Osman Insurance Brokers is an Australian family-owned and operated company providing high-quality advice for the past 60 years.

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Like many businesses, COVID-19 lockdowns significantly impacted Osman’s traditional telephony system. Operating from an on-premises PBX, they could not operate business as usual (BAU) and diverting all calls to a single mobile was unsustainable.

The situation was exacerbated when they could not manage their voicemails, night/day switch, and other various onsite changes. It became clear to Osman Insurance Brokers that this was the perfect catalyst for change and instilled their trust in Ignite Telecom to guide their Digital Transformation Journey.


Ignite Telecom took Osman Insurance on a journey. Outlining the key benefits of various cloud-based telephony solutions that would not only solve their problems but improve customer interaction, streamline dated processes and ultimately future-proof their business with several layers of redundancy.

Within 24 hours, Ignite Telecom seamlessly migrated Osman Insurance Brokers to Unified Communications by diverting all calls into their new centralised cloud PBX to ensure business continuity. With the ability to communicate remotely via the in-built video conference platform, Ignite Telecom conducted several remote training sessions to promote platform adoption and enhance their overall experience.


By partnering with Ignite Telecom, Osman Insurance Brokers kept their business operational in a challenging time and accelerated their digital transformation.

Osman has now adopted a flexible remote work-life balance that has allowed their team to spend more time with their families and improved how their collaborate internally, which has significantly impacted both staff and client satisfaction.

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