Drive Options Group

Digital Transformation Journey

Drive Options Group is a financial technology company that provides loan options to individuals and businesses. They use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyse financial data and provide personalised loan options to customers. They offer a variety of loan options, including personal loans, business loans, and mortgage loans. The company aims to simplify the loan application process and help customers find the best loan options for their needs.

Drive Options Group office wall
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Drive Options Group is a rapidly growing company that needed to move into a larger office. However, with a team of over 40 staff, they faced a significant challenge: their internet connection required substantial improvement to meet the needs of their growing business. As a temporary measure, Drive Options Group we’re using a consumer 5G wireless internet connection and experiencing a range of issues, including slow speeds, poor connectivity, and frequent outages. These issues were impacting the company’s productivity and making it difficult for them to meet the demands of their customers.


To address this challenge, Drive Options Group turned to Ignite Telecom for help. Ignite Telecom’s team of experts worked closely with Drive Options Group to understand their business requirements and compare the market for cost-effective fixed Fibre internet connections that would meet their current and future needs. After careful consideration, Ignite Telecom recommended and implemented a Fibre 400 internet connection that gave Drive Options Group the fast and reliable connectivity needed to support their growing business.


With the new Fibre internet connection in place, Drive Options Group was able to significantly improve its productivity and meet the demands of its customers. The company experienced faster speeds, more reliable connectivity, and fewer outages, helping them grow the business and achieve its goals. Additionally, the Fibre internet connection provided the scalability and flexibility that Drive Options Group needed to support its future growth. Overall, the partnership with Ignite Telecom was an excellent investment that helped Drive Options Group to overcome its internet connectivity challenges and thrive in today’s digital business environment.

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