BeA Group Australia

Digital Transformation Journey

BeA understand the power of fastening. Every day, millions of staples, nails, and screws from BeA are used in countless applications across the globe.

Whether it’s in Europe, Australia, South America, or the USA, BeA is the market leader in compressed air-powered fastening, particularly in furniture production. With 11 subsidiaries, three branches, and a strong network of sales partners in over 40 countries, BeA’s presence spans the globe

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BEA Group Australia faced significant challenges with its existing communications and network infrastructure. Their operations were hampered by outdated phone systems that lacked interconnectivity across their multiple sites, leading to communication bottlenecks. Their reliance on standalone NBN connections also resulted in frequent disruptions and bandwidth issues. The need for a comprehensive review of their telecommunication ecosystem became apparent when they prepared to relocate to a larger space.


Recognising the importance of seamless global connectivity, BeA Group turned to Ignite Telecom for its expertise and support. Ignite Telecom understood the complexities of BEA Group’s requirements and recommended a complete solution overhaul. This involved:

  1. Centralised Cloud-Based System: Ignite Telecom deployed a central cloud-based system, consolidating BEA Group’s branches in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. The upgrade provided remote working capabilities and significantly improved efficiency and collaboration.
  2. Fibre Upgrade: Ignite Telecom partnered with NBNCo to upgrade BEA Group’s business data connection to Fibre, delivering greater bandwidth and stability to their Sydney headquarters.
  3. Quality-of-Service Network Split: To future-proof BEA’s growth, Ignite Telecom implemented a quality-of-service network split, allocating bandwidth for their internal network and phone system. This enhancement improved performance and reliability, supported by 4G/5G redundancy failover.
  4. Complete Telco Offering: Ignite Telecom took BEA Group on a comprehensive customer journey, educating them on available options, providing recommendations, and handling the project’s implementation. Ignite now manages all of BEA Group’s telecom services, including voice, data, inbound numbers, and mobile fleets across Australia, in addition to supporting their recent expansion into New Zealand.


With Ignite Telecom’s expertise and comprehensive solutions, BEA Group Australia transformed its infrastructure and consolidated its services. They now have one reliable technology partner for all their telecommunication needs. This transformation allowed BEA Group to refocus on its core mission: providing exceptional products and services to its valued customers. Ignite Telecom’s support and solutions were instrumental in BEA Group’s success and seamless relocation, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve their business goals.

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